Prophet Ernest Chukwuemeka Nwankwo is an indigene of Nsugbe in Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria. He was born at Onitsha on 3rd of November, 1964 into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Nwankwo Egbunike. He  lost his father at a very tender age and knew hardship at this age as he used to go out to do manual labour and compete favorably with old men to earn a living and support the family. He is educated and was a successful businessman before his divine call to serve God. The call of God upon him started manifesting from his early years of life. He worships at St. Dominic Catholic Church, Yaba, Lagos Nigeria and belongs to the intercessory team of the Evangelical Ministry of Upper Room Charismatic Renewal group of the church. He is a staunch Catholic, Prophet, fulfilled Evangelist and deliverance minister. He is the General Overseer of Holy Family Happy Family Ministry also known as House of Mercy (Formally Jesus Divine Healing and Deliverance Catholic Ministry), Lagos, Nigeria.  He commenced his ministerial work in July 1997 to be precise according to the instruction of the Holy Spirit.

He is a living example of one called and directed by God and he works on the strength of Divine messages guided by the Holy Spirit.
He preaches, sings, prays and prophesies until revival comes. The prophesy is quite unique in that he picks people in the congregation without coming in contact with them previously; most times he mentions their names, describes their villages and towns and pin points the problems that brought them. He is the mouth-piece of the Holy Spirit. During consultation, the Holy Spirit through his mouth speaks to people one on one, detailed their lives and solves their problems. During his divine ministration, people encounter the presence of God; receive instant miracles, healing , deliverance and financial breakthrough.   

He manages a rehabilitation centre called Happy Family Home Foundation int'l. at both Ikorodu Lagos State and Nkwelle- Ezunaka, Oyi LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria. Since its inception, many who are mentally sick have been healed spiritually and discharged without medical treatment, The healing, feeding, accommodation of these inmates is free of charge. The most and overwhelming healing that we cannot stop giving God the glory is that God heals people with cancer through him. 
A family man to the core, Prophet Ernest C. Nwankwo is married to Evangelist Odelia Anulika Nwankwo and is blessed with children. To God be the Glory.

Prophet Ernest Chukwuemeka  Nwankwo is an agent of change who has touched and transformed so many lives. Many have encountered the healing power of God through him. The lame walked, the blind have their sight restored, the deaf and dumb healed and  bareness reversed. Families bonded with ancestral curses and covenants, self imposed curses, parental curses, demonic oppressions, occult bondage have been divinely repositioned through spiritual warfare. Many who were spiritually held captives have been set free.

He has the vision to spread the gospel and win  uncountable souls to the kingdom of God. For example, 1999, a crusade was organized at St John De Baptist Catholic Church, Nsugbe, Anambra State, Nigeria during which the popular Iyase shrine was destroyed. The Iyase Idol was meant to promote and protect worshippers from poison and accident. Ironically the originator and promoter of Iyase juju died in a motor accident. Due to the healing, deliverance and miracles associated with this crusade, the Nsugbe community subsequently requested for another 3- day crusade in the year 2000. There was total liberation of the people.

A three- day crusade also took place at Okwelle in 2001 where dreaded occult shrines were demolished, charms, juju materials were set ablaze at the mission square. Towns and villages that were separated were reconciled and occultists confessed. The effect of this crusade made the entire community both home and abroad, the three main churches Catholic, Anglican and Baptist to unite and host the ministry to additional three days crusade in 2001. The Igbariam crusade which took place at St. Anthony Parish Field in 2003 was another blast. deliverance from crutches of Idol worship and witch craft attack. Uncommon miracles took place and idol worshippers who were offering sacrifices and chanting incantations to stop the crusade from taking place confessed and gave their lives to Christ. When the Prophet of God and his team stormed St. Martin of Tour Catholic Church, Nsukwu, Abatete in 2007, it was another explosion. The demon possessed confessed and the people queried "who is this man of God?". Crusades were also held at Aguleri, Anambra East L.G.A, Anambra State, Nigeria in 2004; Aguleri crusade was as a result of the Prophet's message that Aguleri youths would experience untimely and sudden death which manifested as the message was given. Other areas he held crusades include Owoamakaohia , Mbaitolu L.G.A Imo State, Nigeria in 2005; Twice at Lafia, Nassarawa State in 2010 and 2011; Akwanga, Nassarawa State  in 2011 and Trade fair complex, Lagos, 2012.
He has published many religious books ranging from Warfare Strategies against the Power of Darkness, published in the year 2000. The Afflictions of the Righteous, published in the year 2003. Miracle on the Cross, a powerful 40 Day Prayer for Lenten period published in the year 2007. The irony of these spiritual books is the unending testimonies that come from those that read and followed the prayers as directed. To his credit are the spiritual music for spiritual upliftment. These are Enyi- ka- enyi, Omewoya, Ijemu- amaka, Sabambara etc.
Prophet Ernest Chuwuemeka Nwankwo has been instrumental to the development of his community. He has assisted many churches thereby uplifting the work of God. He has and is still sponsoring many priests and Rev. Sisters. . He has consistently assisted the widows, less privilege and granted scholarship to many.



His philanthropic gestures never went unrecognized: In the year 2000, his community honoured him by conferring on him a Merit Award in recognition of his contributions towards the development of his town, Nsugbe. He is a pioneer member of Nsugbe Elites Club, Nsugbe. In the year 2007, Canaan Christian University conferred on him a Doctorate Degree in Christian Education. St. Martin of Tour Catholic Church Nsukwu, Abatete gave him a certificate of appreciation for sponsoring a church project in 2008. St. John De Baptist Catholic Church, Catholic Women Organization (C. W. O.) Nsugbe also appreciated him for his contributions for sponsoring C.W.O. project in 2009. He is also the patron of this great association, the umbrella of all catholic women.
The award he received as a Spiritual Director and for Humanitarian services, from Princess Nikky Breast/Cervical Cancer Foundation on 23rd of October, 2010 cannot be over looked. For his numerous contributions to the Igbo race; the Igbo Speaking community in Lagos honoured him with the award "ONYE AMUMA NDIGBO on 24th of March, 2012. He was also honoured with an award of Excellence as Prophet of All The Nigerian Gospel Artiste Forum (ANGAF), their Spiritual Director and Adviser in recognition of his immense support and love for gospel music on 28th April, 2012.
The Red Cross Society of Nigeria Ikorodu Division honoured him with a merit award for his contributions towards the upliftment of mankind.

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